British All-time Rankings: Kilo TT, Men

Top 20 All-Time Kilometre TT rankings


Chris Hoy  58.880A Le Paz 13-May-07
Kian Emadi 58.933A World Cup Aguascalientes 7-Dec-13
Hoy 59.103A Le Paz 12-May-07
Callum Skinner 60.125A World Cup Guadalajara 18-Jan-14
Hoy 60.711 Olympic Games Athens 20-Aug-04
Ed Clancy  60.908A World Cup Aguascalientes 6-Dec-13
Clancy 60.981 Olympic Games (Omnium) London 5-Aug-12
Hoy 60.999 World Champs Palma de Mallorca 1-Apr-07
Skinner 61.071 World Champs Paris 20-Feb-15
Skinner 61.135 Revolution Derby 14-Aug-15
Jason Quealey 61.230 World Champs Los Angeles 25-Mar-05
Hoy 61.361 World Champs Bordeaux 14-Apr-06
Emadi 61.368A World Cup Cali 11-Oct-12
Clancy 61.439 Commonwealth Games Glasgow 26-Jul-14
Jody Cundy 61.466A World Para Champs Aguascalientes 12-Apr-14
Hoy 61.500 World Cup Manchester 23-Feb-07
Craig MacLean 61.530 Nationals Manchester 21-Aug-03
Hoy 61.599 World Champs Melbourne 27-May-04
Queally 61.609 Olympic Games Sydney 16-Sep-00
Emadi 61.641 Commonwealths Glasgow 26-Jul-14
David Daniell 61.698 World Cup Manchester 30-Oct-09
Matt Crampton 61.822 World Champs Manchester 30-Mar-08
Jaimie Staff  62.074 World Champs Palma de Mallorca 1-Apr-07
Steve Burke 62.180 World Champs Melbourne 5-Apr-12
Lewis Oliva 62.749 Revolution Derby 14-Aug-15
Matthew Rotherham 62.810 Revolution Derby 14-Aug-15
Jon Allen Butterworth 62.986A World Para Champs Aguascalientes 12-Apr-14
Jonathan Dibben 63.082A World Cup (Omnium) Guadalajara 19-Jan-14
Bruce Croall 63.212 National Masters (35-39) Newport June 28-30, 2013
Christian Lyte  63.355 European Champs (U23) Pruszkow 3-Sep-08
Jonathan Mitchell 63.553 European U23 Champs Athens 14-Jul-15
Jon Norfolk 63.664 Nationals Manchester
Sam Harrison  63.710 European Champs (Omnium) Apeldoorn 20-Oct-13


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