In the beginning there was nothing…

…Well, there wasn’t much anyway. Rankings and data for track cycling lag considerably behind other sports like athletics and swimming. Cyclostats plans to change that. The site follows international track cycling but with a British focus. From time to time we’ll cover road cycling and of course track bunch races where times are less relevant.

But the main focus will be on track cycling’s timed events – the flying 200m, the Kilo, the Pursuit and the Team Sprint and Pursuit. We will publish rankings for all these events, stating with the UK, but eventually expanding to the World.

To begin with we will focus on All-Time rankings, but we will look to produce annual rankings as we go on.

There are of course challenges to forming rankings in  sport that hasn’t put much value on data and we need your help to make these lists as accurate as possible.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “In the beginning there was nothing…

  1. It takes a big effort to gather data like this together, well done for taking it on such a big job. Would be interesting to see how things like British records have changed over the years & who has held them, would produce some historic & iconic names from sprint & pursuit disciplines.


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