British rankings up and running

OK, so we have posted the first two sets of rankings – the men’s and women’s time trials. In case it’s not obvious what we have are the top 20 riders of all-time and the top 20 performances too. Our database goes quite a bit deeper than top 20, but the further we go, the greater the chance of missing something or someone.

Anyway, a few comments on these first lists. It’s no surprise that the ranks are dominated by riders from the past 15 years or so, since the national lottery-funded British cycling revolution began in earnest. The King and Queen of British sprinting – Hoy and Pendleton dominate their perspective lists, though the young guns are now hot on their wheels. Both British records came under serious threat earlier this year when Emadi and Varnish came close with the help of high altitude.

It will probably take altitude assistance for someone to crack Hoy’s time, but Pendelton’s mark might be attainable by the growing group of young female sprinters that are emerging.

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