British All-Time Rankings: flying 200m, women

Rebecca James  10.627A World Cup Aguescalientes 7-Dec-13
Jessica Varnish  10.662A World Cup Aguescalientes 7-Dec-13
Victoria Pendleton  10.724 Olympic Games London 5-Aug-12
Varnish 10.804 World Champs Paris 20-Feb-15
Victoria Williamson  10.833A World Cup Guadlajara 9-Nov-14
Varnish 10.853 World Cup Guadlajara 9-Nov-14
Pendleton 10.904 World Champs Manchester 28-Mar-08
Williamson 10.935 World Champs Paris 20-Feb-15
James 10.954A World Champs Cali 28-Feb-14
James 10.957 World Champs Minsk 22-Mar-13
Pendleton 10.963 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Pendleton 10.971 World Champs Pruszkow 27-Mar-09
Pendleton 10.984 Nationals Manchester 2009
Williamson 10.992A World Cup Guadlajara 18-Jan-14
Pendleton 10.998 World Cup Manchester 30-Oct-09
Williamson 10.999A World Champs Cali 28-Feb-14
Pendleton 10.999A World Cup Cali 17-Dec-10
Pendleton 11.037 World Cup Moscow 15-Dec-06
Varnish 11.045A World Champs Cali 28-Feb-14
Pendleton 11.067 Nationals Manchester 2010
Pendleton 11.068 World Cup Manchester 23-Feb-07
Danielle Khan 11.121A World Cup Guadlajara 18-Jan-14
Katy Marchant 11.135 Euro U23 Athens 16-Jul-15
Laura Trott 11.169A World Cup (Omnium) Aguescalientes 6-Dec-13
Anne Blythe  11.260 World Cup Moscow 15-Dec-06
Dani King 11.482 World Cup (Omnium 250) Astana 5-Nov-11
Denise Hampson 11.508 Moscow 1-Jun-02
Sophie Capewell 11.549 National Jnrs Manchester 3-Aug-15
Jenny Davis 11.580 Commonwealths Glasgow 26-Jul-14
Wendy Everson  11.651A World Champs Bogata 26-Sep-95
Elinor Barker 11.668A World Cup (Omnium) Aguaescaliantes 18-Jan-13
Katie Archibald 11.702A World Cup (Omnium) Guadlajara 9-Nov-14
Helen Scott 11.724 National Champs Manchester 26-Sep-14
Jessica Crampton  11.785 National Jnrs Newport 27-Aug-12
Charlie Joiner  11.812 Grand Prix Moscow 29-May-10
Rosie Blount 11.870 Nationals Manchester 27-Sep-13
Lauren Bate-Lowe 11.880 National Jnrs Manchester 3-Aug-15

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