All-Time Rankings: 3000m Pursuit, Women

Rebecca Romero  3:27.703 Olympic Games Beijing 16-Aug-08
Wendy Houvenaghel  3:27.829 Olympic Games Beijing 16-Aug-08
Houvenaghel 3:27.842 World Champs Melbourne 8-Apr-12
Romero 3:28.321 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Houvenaghel 3:28.443 Olympic Games Beijing 15-Aug-08
Romero 3:28.641 Olympic Games Beijing 15-Aug-08
Houvenaghel 3:28.866 World Cup Manchester 31-Oct-08
Laura Trott 3:28.955A World Cup (Omnium) Aguescalientes 7-Dec-13
Joanna Rowsell  3:29.038 Commonwealth Games Glasgow 25-Jul-14
Houvenaghel 3:29.491 World Champs Pruszkow 25-Mar-09
Romero 3:29.593 World Champs Manchester 27-Mar-08
Elinor Barker 3:30.009A World Cup Aguescalientes 6-Dec-13
Rowsell 3:30.318 World Champs Cali 28-Feb-14
Houvenaghel 3:30.377 World Champs Copenhagen 24-Mar-10
Houvenaghel 3:30.395 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Rowsell 3:30.455 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Rowsell 3:30.474 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Romero 3:30.501 World Champs Manchester 27-Mar-08
Trott 3:30.547 Olympic Games (Omnium) London 7-Aug-12
Rowsell 3:30.610A World Champs Cali 28-Feb-14
Katie Archibald 3:31.276 World Champs Paris 20-Feb-15
Sarah Storey  3:32.050A World Paras Aguescalientes 12-Apr-14
Yvonne McGregor 3:34.761 Athens June, 1997
Emma Jones  3:35.069 Olympics Athens 2004
Dani King  3:36.64 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Ciara Horne 3:37.278 Revolution Derby Aug 14 2015
Sara Symington  3:38.128 Commonwealths Manchester 1998
Elizibeth Armitstead 3:39.441 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Anna Turvey 3:40.525 Commonwealths Glasgow 25-Jul-14
Hannah Mayo  3:40.538 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Emily Kay 3:42.202 Revolution Derby 14-Aug-15
Amy Roberts 3:42.623 Commonwealths Glasgow 25-Jul-14
Katie Colclough 3:43.712 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Rachel Heale 3:45.356 Nationals Manchester 2005
Frances Newstead 3:45.631 Nationals Manchester 2003

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