All-Time Rankings: 4000m Pursuit, Men

Chris Boardman 4:11.114 World Champs Manchester 29-Aug-96
Boardman 4:13.353 World Champs Manchester 28-Aug-96
Geraint Thomas 4:15.015 World Cup Manchester 30-Oct-09
Bradley Wiggins 4:15.031 Olympics Beijing 15-Aug-08
Wiggins 4:15.165 Olympics Athens 20-Aug-08
Wiggins 4:15.976 World Champs Palma de Mallorce 29-Mar-07
Wiggins 4:16.304 Olympics Athens 21-Aug-08
Thomas 4:16.477 World Cup Manchester 18-Feb-11
Thomas 4:16.883 World Cup Manchester 18-Feb-11
Wiggins 4:16.977 Olympics Beijing 16-Aug-08
Wiggins 4:17.024 World Champs Manchester 26-Mar-08
Thomas 4:17.265 World Champs Melbourne 7-Apr-12
Wiggins 4:17.342 World Champs Bordeaux 30-Jul-03
Wiggins 4:17.864 World Cup Manchester 23-Feb-07
Rob Hayles  4:17.930 Olympics Athens 20-Aug-04
Thomas 4:18.241 Nationals Manchester 2009
Wiggins 4:18.276 World Cup Manchester 23-Feb-07
Thomas 4:18.418 Nationals Mancester 2009
Wiggins 4:18.576 World Chamos Bordeaux 31-Jul-03
Wiggins 4:18.619 World Champs Manchester 26-Mar-08
Ed Clancy  4:19.752 World Cup Manchester 31-Oct-08
Andy Tennant  4:20.733 World Champs Paris 21-Feb-15
Graeme Obree 4:20.894 World Champs 1993
Paul Manning 4:20.902 World Champs Bordeaux 14-Apr-06
Steven Burke  4:20.947 Olympics Beijing 15-Aug-08
Matthew Gibson 4:21.295 Revolution Derby 15-Aug-15
Owain Doull 4:21.369 Commonwealth Games Glasgow 25-Jul-14
David Millar  4:22.32 Nationals Manchester 2006
Matt Illingworth 4:24.724 Nationals 1999
Steve Cummings  4:24.767 Commonwealth Games Melbourne 16-Mar-06
Peter Kennaugh 4:25.215 Nationals Manchester 23-Sep-10
Jonathan Dibben 4:25.396 World Cup (Omnium) Manchester 1-Nov-13
Germain Burton 4:25.664 Revolution Derby 15-Aug-15
Shaun Wallace 4:26.382 World Champs 1993
Christopher Latham 4:26.341 European U23 Champs Anadia 22-Jul-14
Mark Stewart 4:26.640 Nationals Manchester 26-Sep-14

2 thoughts on “All-Time Rankings: 4000m Pursuit, Men

    • That’s good to know. Was that an official time, it wasn’t in the results? I’m guessing that’s because it was a catch if I remember rightly. The fastest I have for Mark is 4:29.5 from the heats. Either way, he’s 3rd fast Scot of all-time.


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