British All-Time Rankings: Flying 200m, Men

Jason Kenny 9.640A World Cup Aguascalientes 6-Dec-13
Matthew Crampton 9.712A World Cup Aguascalientes 6-Dec-13
Kenny 9.713 Olympic Games London 4-Aug-12
Lewis Oliva  9.721A World Cup Aguascaliantes 6-Dec-13
Chris Hoy  9.815 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Kenny 9.853A World Cup Guadalajara 9-Nov-14
Kenny 9.857 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Hoy 9.869 World Cup Manchester 31-Oct-09
Phillip Hindes  9.898A World Cup Guadalajara 9-Nov-14
Hoy 9.900 Nationals Manchester 2009
Hoy 9.902 World Champs Melbourne 6-Apr-12
Hoy 9.913 World Champs Coppenhagen 20-May-09
Crampton 9.931A World Champs Cali 1-Mar-14
Hoy 9.932 World Cup London 19-Feb-12
Ed Clancy  9.935A World Cup (omnium) Aguascalientes 5-Dec-13
Craig McLean 9.939 World Cup Moscow 28-Sep-06
Kenny 9.953 World Champs Melbourne 6-Apr-12
Hoy 9.971 World Cup Astana 6-Nov-11
Kenny 9.972 Revolution Manchester 31-Jan-15
Callum Skinner 9.978A World Cup Guadalajara 19-Jan-14
Skinner 9.983 World Champs Paris 21-Feb-15
Jamie Staff  10.130 World Champs Coppenhagen 28-Sep-02
Dave Daniell  10.166 World Cup Manchester 1-Nov-08
Kian Emadi  10.170 Revolution Manchester 1-Feb-14
John Paul  10.175 World Juniors Moscow 19-Aug-11
Ross Edgar  10.178 World Champs Manchester 27-Mar-08
Jonathan Mitchell 10.183 European U23 Athens 14-Jul-15
Matt Rotherham 10.228 World Juniors Moscow 19-Aug-11
Pete Mitchell  10.230 Revolution Manchester 28-Jan-12
Chris Pritchard  10.273 Grand Prix Moscow 28-May-10
Jospeh Trueman 10.299 National Juniors Manchester 7-Aug-15
Christian Lyte  10.319 Revolution Manchester 22-Feb-10
Kevin Stewart  10.347 World Juniors Moscow 14-Aug-09

3 thoughts on “British All-Time Rankings: Flying 200m, Men

    • Thanks Julia. Yes I have that one, I think that’s his sea-level best. Lewis is on the list by virtue of his incredible rides in Mexico. At this point we are just listing the top ride for each ride, plus the 20 top rides overall, the cut-ff for which is currently 10.015. At some point we’ll expand the list!


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