Decent performances at Revolution

The first round of the Revolution series in London through up some pretty good performances, including some decent time trial results. Revolution has not typically included many races against the clock, but the the introduction of the UCI Omnium event for the women added some much needed fodder for those of who obsess in stats.

Laura Trott won every event to underline her growing dominance, seeing off road legend Marianne Vos, among others and posted some good times. A 3:36 for the Pursuit was probably the pick of bunch although some way shy of her pb. There were a few pbs posted by others in the competition however. Emily Kay bounced back from a tough outing at the nationals with 12.2 pb in the flying 200 (as part of her flying lap), while Amy Roberts also posted a 12.2. Kay also produced a pursuit best of 3:47, which came close to cracking the All-Time top 20.

As it was, there was only one new entrant into a Top 20 list. That was Kate Archibald who became the fifth Scott to crack 12 seconds for the 200 as she posted a 15.183 for the lap. Archibald joins her team pursuit teammates Trott, Dani King and Elinor Barker in the top 20 for both the 200 and the 3k pursuit. She’s the only one of the fabulous four not to also make the rankings for the 500TT. She’ll need to find another second off her pb (37.209) to complete the set.

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