Amateur vs. Pro

It was rightly noted on Bruce Croall’s facebook page that 14th in the Kilo ranks is a remarkable performance for “an amateur cyclist”. This got us wondering how many “amateurs” actually feature on the Top 20 lists. Deciding exactly who is amateur and who is pro is tough given the blurred lines between the two in modern sport. If we assume, however, that all of those in the British Cycling Podium and Academy programs are essentially full-time cyclists and therefore, pros, that doesn’t leave too many left who feature in a top 20.

Let’s run through it event by event, starting with Croall’s kilo.

Men’s Kilo. Croall, at 14th with his 63.212 would be top amateur, assuming paralympians Jody Cundy and Jon Butterworth are considered pros, which I think they would be. The only other one on the list who was probably a true amateur is Jon Norfolk with his 63.664 at the 2003 National champs. Ahead of him, however, would be two cyclists on the list for their times posted as pros, but who recorded top times as juniors too. These would be led by Jon Dibben and Dave Daniell who were with the Development programme in 2012 and 2007 respectively. Next up would be Matthew Rotherham’s 63.671 from 2011.

In summary:

1. Bruce Croall, 63.212

2. Jon Dibben, 63.546

3. Dave Daniell, 63.598

4. Jon Norfolk, 63.664

5. Matthew Rotherham, 63.671

It’s never likely to happen, but keeping official British Amateur Records would be a nice gesture on the part of British Cycling.

We’ll get to more amateur lists later, and please, if you think someone has been wrongly classified as pro or am,let us know.

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