More amateurism

OK, so having looked at this a little more, it really is tough to discern the boundary between amateur and pro. The major issue is juniors who are in the BC Development program and so are not full-time, but who quite often graduate to the Academy where they will be. Going deep with amateur rankings, therefore, requires quite a bit more research but to keep with the spirit of identifying the best true amateurs, here are the Cyclostats British Amateur Bests.


Kilo: Bruce Croall, 1:03.212, 2013

200m: Jon Paul (junior) 10.175, 2011

Best non-junior: Jonathan Mitchell, 10.262, 2015

4k pursuit: Graeme Obree, 4:20.894, 1993



500m TT: Danielle Khan (junior), 35.345, 2013

Best non-junior: Julie Forrester, 35.448, 2002

200m: Rebecca James (junior), 11.093, 2009

Best non-junior: Denise Hampson, 11.508, 2003

3k pursuit: Emma Davies, 3:35.069, 2004


We will keep track of these as we go forward.

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