Scottish All-time Rankings, Flying 200m, Men

Chris Hoy 9.815 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Craig McLean 9.939 World Cup Moscow 28-Sep-06
Callum Skinner 9.978 World Guadalajara 19-Jan-14
John Paul 10.175 World Juniors Moscow 19-Aug-11
Ross Edgar 10.178 World Champs Manchester 27-Mar-08
Jonathan Mitchell 10.262 Revolution Glasgow 31-Jan-15
Chris Pritchard 10.273 Grand Prix Moscow 28-May-10
Kevin Stewart 10.347 World Juniors Moscow 14-Aug-09
Kenny Ayre 10.654 Nationals Manchester 28-Sep-13
Marco Librizzi 10.656 Commonwealth Games Melbourne 18-Mar-06
Bruce Croall 10.658 World Master Manchester 8-Oct-13
Eddie Alexander 10.704 World Champs Vienna 1987
Jonathan Biggin 10.704 National Champs Manchester 27-Sep-14

2 thoughts on “Scottish All-time Rankings, Flying 200m, Men

  1. What an interesting list, taking Moscow out of the equation, the real stand outs are Eddie Alexander on spoky wheels nearly 30 years ago in Vienna and Jonathan Mitchell at 19 . Callum Skinner is also a youngster starting to come in to the super fast league. Its going to be an interesting couple of years ahead.


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