An idea for Revolution

A reader prompted us to take a fresh look at some of the British records currently on the books. As noted elsewhere, times have come flying down since British Cycling kicked into gear over the last 15 years or so. There are a couple of records on the books that are holdovers from a previous age, however.

Sally Boyden still holds the flying 1km TT record for women at 1:09.01 while Shawn Wallace owns the men’s mark at 58.995.

Both times would seem extremely vulnerable if our modern stars had a crack. It’s quite possible that one of the female pursuiters has already been faster than Boyden in the course of a 3km, and in a dedicated effort you would think several of them would have a shot. As for Wallace’s time, it seems bizarre to have  record for a flying start that is slower than for a standing start!

So here’s an idea for the Revolution series. Why not stage a night of record attempts on some of these marks. Line-up 2-4 contenders for each record and let’s see what British cyclists are capable of!

Suggested fields:

Men’s flying kilo:

Callum Skinner

Kian Emadi

Steve Burke

Ed Clancy

Women’s flying kilo:

Kate Archibald

Jo Rowsell

Jess Varnish

Laura Trott

You could also add attempts at the junior records for the flying 500m by the latest crop of Future Stars. Emma Davies and Matthew Haynes hold the current records.

Who’s up for the challenge folks?

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