British Junior All-Time Rankings: 3km pursuit, Men

Sam Harrison 3:17.987 World Juniors Montichiari 11-Aug-10
Jonathan Dibben 3:18.130 World Juniors (Omnium) Invercargill 24-Aug-12
Andy Tennant 3:19.415 Vienna 7-Aug-05
Mark Christian 3:19.683 European Juniors Pruskow 4-Sep-08
Owain Doull 3:21.252 Euopean Juniors Anadia 27-Jul-11
Matthew Gibson 3:22.383 World Juniors Anadia 23-Jul-14
Dan McLay 3:22.617 National Jnrs Manchester 2010
George Atkins 3:23.175 Euro Jnrs Minsk 2009
Kieren Page 3:23.499 Manchester 23-Jul-00
Andy Fenn 3:24.471 National Jnrs Manchester 2008
Erick Rowsell 3:24.769 National Jnrs Manchester 2008
Peter Kennaugh 3:25.191 National Jnrs Manchester 2007
Joe Holt 3:25.333 National Jnrs Manchester 4-Aug-14
Tim Kennaugh 3:25.794 National Jnrs Manchester 2009
Jonathan Bellis 3:25.958 National Jnrs Manchester 2006
Steven Burke 3:25.958 National Jnrs Manchester 2006
Bradley Wiggins 3:25.983 Manchester 25-Jul-98
Mark McNally 3:26.037 National Jnrs Manchester 2007
Alex Dowsett 3:27.061 World Jr Ghent 2006
Oliver Wood 3:27.759 Euro Juniors (Omnium) Glasgow 10-Aug-13

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