British National Record Progression

A recent comment on Cyclostats suggested it would be interesting to see how British records have progressed over time. We couldn’t agree more, and luckily, the work has already been done by British Cycling:

What’s noticeable but not surprising is how far most records have come since lottery funding revolutionized British cycling.

Just look at the national senior rankings at the turn of the 21st century, before Jason Queally’s shock gold in Sydney really got the ball rolling.


200m: Craig McLean 10.324

Kilo: Jason Queally 1:03.060

Pursuit: Chris Boardman 4:11.114


200m: Wendy Everson 11.651

500m: Julie Forrester 35.979

Pursuit: Yvonne McGregor 3:34.761

And here’s where those times would rank in today’s top 20 rankings:

McLean – 18th, Queally 13th, Boardman 1st

Everson – 12th, Forrester 14th, McGregor 8th

Boardman is the obvious exception here, presumably in large part due to the now outlawed superman position, but everywhere else the progress the sport has made has been remarkable.

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