Brotherly good

A reader kindly noted that Mark Stewart posted a 4:26 pursuit at the National champs in Manchester last month. We missed the result because it didn’t feature in the official results due to the fact that in the 5th place final, Stewart made the catch. But data from the Sport Scotland Institute of Sport, and kindly provided by Mark himself, confirmed the performance and a time of 4:26.640. That puts him 18th of all-time, nudging Mark Christian off the top 20 list. He’ also third among Scots, behind only the legendary Obree and Millar.

One interesting result of Stewart’s ascension is that we now have the first pair of brothers in the rankings, with Mark joining Kevin who is also 18th in the 200m. That’s a great achievement for the Scots given that cycling has a strong tradition of siblings reaching the upper echelons of the sport – think of family names like Rowe, Kennaugh and Kelly – and yet this is the first instance of brothers appearing together in the rankings.

If anything, there have been even more pairs of sisters at the top end of the sport, but there too, there is only one instance of sisters in the various top 20 lists. That, of course, is the James girls – Rebecca and Rachel – who both appear on two lists.

To complete the set, there is also one brother-sister tandem in their respective top 20s, that being Matt and Jessica Crampton, the latter of whom has sadly disappeared from the sport.

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