Extrapolation and Shaneze

One of the cool things about data is that it allows you to extrapolate information that is not at first obvious. There are a few uses for this as relates to the All-Time rankings. One is to estimate performances for one event for an athlete based on performance in another.

For example, former BMX World Champ Shaneze Reade, as far as we can tell, never rode the sprint or 200 flying lap in competition. But how would she have fared had she taken it on? In 2007 and 2008 Reade experimented on the track, riding mainly Man 1 of the Team Sprint and occasionally the 500TT. Her best TT was the 34.663 she posted at the World Champs in Mallorca in 2007.

During that race she posted a last lap of 15.265, which equates to 12.212 over 200m. That in itself is pretty good, but a closer look at the data shows that Reade covered the 250m between the 125 and 375 marks in just 14.831. That’s an average of 11.865 for 200m. That would place her 17th All-time for the 200, but would have been the 5th fastest ever at the time she rode it. No small feat given that she never actually raced over the distance!

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