Junior Flying 500m records

We mentioned previously the junior records for the flying 500m held by Matthew Haynes and Emma Davies that are probably over due a revision. For the record those marks stand at 28.57 and 32.421 respectively.

So could our current juniors crack those times? Evidence would tell us they absolutely could.

Haynes was a very good junior sprinter back in 2002. About a month prior to setting the record he won the junior nationals for both the kilo and the print. His kilo was particularly impressive – a 1:06.476 which put several seconds into the likes of runner-up Mark Cavendish, as well as Geraint Thomas and Matt Crampton among others. He won the sprint too, though at 11.778, his qualifying time was a bit more modest.

So how does that compare with 2014’s junior stars? Well, Joseph Trueman, a first year junior, won the national kilo in 1:05.251 and at the Euro juniors posted a 10.630 in the sprint qualifiers. As a rough estimate, this might suggest Trueman could go close to 28-flat for the flying 500.

As for the girls, Davies became a world class pursuiter but stated as a good junior sprinter. Good enough that she set British records for both the flying 200 at 12.599 and the standing start 500 at 38.849. Two current juniors in particular, however, are some way out ahead of Davies’s times. Sophie Capewell is at 12.094 and 36.254 and Grace Garner at 12.209 and 36.164.

Based on these times, a flying 500 for either Capewell or Garner of around 31-flat would seem feasible. A record attempt on the same night by the two girls would make for quite a spectacle.

So Joe, Sophie and Grace, what do you say?

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