More on the Flying kilo record challenge (and the women’s Hour record)

So Cyclostats‘ challenge to a few of our top cyclists to rewrite the record books for the flying kilo has found a little Twitter traction. Revolution is interested in a record push too, but is focussed on the women’s hour record. That’s a great idea as well, although it would be a tough record to crack.

The current holder is the great Leontien van Moorsel. Her palmeres includes four Olympic and 8 World championship gold medals, including two Olympic time trial golds, a road race gold and a victory in the pursuit to boot. Essentially if you were picking someone to set an Hour record, van Moorsel would be it. She also set the record at altitude in Mexico City. To give you a brief idea of the effort she made, 46.065km in an hour is a equivalent of a 3:54 3km pursuit, repeated 15 times in a row.

GB’s current crop of stars, like Laura Trott, Jo Rowsell, Kate Archibald and Lizzie Armistead are super talents but would need to be in tip top shape to get anywhere close to van Moorsel at sea-level.

Now back to the Kilo challenge! Trott and co are far better suited to the shorter distance. We haven’t been able to find a world record for the flying kilo, but we’re sure the girls could set one.

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