English Track Cycling Records

English Records
4000m Individual Pursuit Chris Boardman 4:11.114 World Champs Manchester 29-Aug-96
1km Time Trial Kian Emadi 58.933 World Cup Aguascalientes 7-Dec-13
Flying 200m Jason Kenny 9.640 World Cup Aguascalientes 6-Dec-13
Team Sprint Hindes, Kenny, Emadi 42.339 World Cup Aguascalientes 5-Dec-13
250m standing start Jamie Staff 17.136 Olympic Games Beijing 15-Aug-08
3000m Individual Pursuit Rebecca Romero 3:27.703 Olympic Games Beijing 16-Aug-08
500m Time Trial Victoria Pendleton 33.838 World Cup Manchester 31-Oct-08
Flying 200m Jessica Varnish 10.662 World Cup Aguescalientes 7-Dec-13
250m standing start Jess Varnish 18.720 World Cup Aguescalientes 5-Dec-13
Junior Men
3000m Individual Pursuit Jonathan Dibben 3:18.130 World Juniors (Omnium) Invercargill 24-Aug-12
1km Time Trial Jonathan Dibben 63.546 World Juniors (Omnium) Invercargill 24-Aug-12
Flying 200m Matt Rotherham 10.280 World Juniors Moscow 19-Aug-11
Junior Women
2000m Individual Pursuit Laura Trott 2:23.332 World Juniors Montichiari 12-Aug-10
500m Time Trial Danielle Khan 35.345 Nationals Manchester 25-Sep-13
Flying 200m Victoria Williamson 11.236 World Juniors Moscow 18-Aug-11

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