Scottish Track Cycling Records

4000m Individual Pursuit Graeme Obree 4:20.894 Hamar 19-Aug-93
1km Time Trial Chris Hoy 58.880A Le Paz 13-May-07
Flying 200m Chris Hoy 9.815 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Team Sprint MacLean, Edgar, Hoy 43.832 World Champs Palma 29-Mar-07
250m standing start Craig Maclean 17.586 World Champs Palma 29-Mar-07
3000m Individual Pursuit Katie Archibald 3:33.526 Commonwealths Glasgow 25-Jul-14
500m Time Trial Eleanor Richardson 36.051 Scottish Nationals Glasgow 9-Oct-14
Flying 200m Jenny Davis 11.580A Colorado Springs 22-Jun-12
Team Sprint Eleanor Richardson & Alison Chisholm 35.648 Nationals Manchester 2013
250m standing start Standard 19.500
Junior Men
3000m Individual Pursuit Andy Fenn 3:24.471 National Jnrs Manchester 2008
1km Time Trial Callum Skinner 65.095 Commonwealth Games Delhi 5-Oct-10
Flying 200m John Paul 10.175 World Juniors Moscow 19-Aug-11
Junior Women
2000m Individual Pursuit Katie Archibald 2:30.306 National Jnrs Manchester 1-Sep-12
500m Time Trial Kayleigh Brogan 38.347 National jnrs 2007
Flying 200m Kayleigh Brogan 12.738 National jnrs Newport 2010

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