Guadalajara update

Thank to the tremendous Twitter feed from, we were able to keep up with the action in Mexico. After a decent first day, things have been a bit bump on Day 2. Jon Dibben took 6th in the scratch but then a 4:31 in the pursuit which placed him only 15th. Kate Archibald, came 23rd and last in the scratch and then was 8 seconds of her best in the pursuit for 16th. Not the start we were looking for from either young gun.

In the women’s sprint there were good times from Williamson and Varnish, though the altitude had the expected boosting impact and Vicky’s 10.833 pb was fast enough only for 8th. Varnish, in 10.853, managed 10th and was then eliminated in Round 1. Williamson made it a step further but then lost in both her quarter final and repecharge.

Williamson and Varnish’s times were the fourth and fifth fastest ever by Brits. Altitude or not, Williamson is clearly making progress as she was a full 0.1 faster than in Guadalajara in January. Rankings will be updated shortly.

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