Watch out for Archibald in Guadalajara

With no individual kilos or pursuits at the World Cup the focus from a stats perspective will be on the sprint and the omniums.

The high altitudes should lead to some sub-10s and sub 11s over 200m for the men and women respectively, though the British records set at the faster Mexican venue of Aguascalientes ( are probably safe.

What should be interesting will be Katie Archibald in the omnium. With the altitude, could she threaten some Scottish records? Kate’s kilo pb of 37.209 looks due for revision, but she’ll need to find over a second to take down Elinor Richardson’s 36.051 set at the recent Scottish champs.

it wouldn’t be a shock if Jenny Davis’s 11.580 also comes under attack. Archibald posted a 11.956 in Manchester last month and with top form and altitude, taking 0.40 off her best is far from impossible. Finally, Archibald might have a chance to amend her own 3:33.526 best in the pursuit.

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