Spare a thought for Dave Daniell

As GB searches desperately for the successor to Chris Hoy on Man 3, it’s worth remembering the lost talent that is Dave Daniell. At one point, DD was considered the natural successor to Sir Chris and in 2009 he posted a 13.352 at the Mancester World Cup – just a couple of tenths from Hoy’s times in Beijing. He also posted a 61.698 kilo that year and has a pb of 10.166 for the 200 from 2008. Those times match up pretty well with Emadi and Skinner’s sea-level bests and Daniell is faster in all three events (kilo, 200 and Man 3) than Lewis Oliva.

Had GB persisted with Daniell, he might be approaching his prime right about now, which given the current struggles, would have been somewhat handy. Hopefully in his current coaching role up in Scotland he can help unearth a talent similar to his own that can finally fill the rather quick boots of Sir Chris Hoy.

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