Hour mania spreads to Revolution

So Revolution has announced that Sarah Storey will attempt to break the women’s world Hour record at the 5th of its meetings at the end of February. The event organizers first latched onto a record attempt after UCI president Brian Cookson aired the idea following the two successful shots at the men’s record. A few names were mentioned, including Lizzie Armistead and Laura Trott, but it’s paralympic legend Storey who will take aim. She said that some test sessions in Manchester have convinced her that she has a decent chance.

Cyclostats wishes Storey the best of luck,but even with timetrial handlebars now permitted, the odds of overhauling the legendary Leontion van Moorsel look slim. Apart from the fact that Moorsel was one of the greatest timetrialists – on road and track – to ever sit in  saddle, she also had the advantage of altitude in Mexico City. That won’t be the case for Storey in London, which in fact, has shown lately to not be a particularly quick track.

Although times at the Olympics in 2012 were pretty strong as you would expect, at World Cups and other meetings, the Lee Valley velodrome has proven noticeably slower than Manchester for example. Let’s hope Storey factored that into her calculations!

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