Omnium woes continue

Team GB continues to show faith in Jon Dibben as the answer for the omnium, but the youngster struggled once again at the World Champs near Paris. A promising start with second place in the scratch came to pretty much nothing as Dibben then posted two 15th an two 17th place finished in the following events. A decent showing in the point race brought him up to 12th overall but it still fell far short of where you’d hope to be 18 months out from the Olympics.

What’s more concerning with Dibben is that he appears to be going backwards in his core timed events. A 4:29 in the pursuit was 4 seconds off his pb, and given the speed of this track, the deficit from his November, 2013 showing in Manchester is probably more than it appears on paper. The kilo is no better. A 1:04.7 was nearly 1.7 seconds of Dibben’s best, which admitted came at altitude, but also over a second slower than Dibben recorded as a junior.

It’s concerning to see great talents like Dibben fail to progress and for the fastest kilo and 3k pursuit junior that Britain has ever produced to be languishing in the low ranks of World competition in his 3rd year as a pro is disappointing to say the least. Let’s hope Jon can turn things around.

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