One step forward, two back for the sprinters

A day after Callum Skinner and Jess Varnish gave reason for hope in the sprint events, we were back to disappointment at the World Champs just outside of Paris.

Jason Kenny and Skinner put in decent times in the sprint qualification with 9.804 and 9.983 respectively, but them both exited in round 1. That the two qualified just 10th and 22nd tells you something about how fast the track in Paris is. Kenny slipped up against Hersony Canelon, while Skinner’s loss was a little more forgivable against Gregory Bauge.

Again Kenny didn’t seem too concerned, noting that they still have 18th months to get things right. He’s correct of corurse, and he’s done enough that we shouldn’t doubt him. But the sheer number of sprinter posting quality times should be of at least concern. Right now it seems that about a dozen riders are at Kenny’s level or above. What are the odds that not one of them will improve as much before Rio as the reigning champ?

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