Brave Storey a little short in Hour record bid

Sarah Storey gave it all she had be eventually came up just short in her efforts to take the women’s hour record at the London Velodrome as part of the latest Revolution event.

UCI chief Brian Cookson had suggested that someone should have a crack at the women’s record after a flurry of attacks on the men’s mark. Revolution jumped on the idea and eventually Storey stepped up to the challenge. Cyclostats had suggested that the odds were against her eclipsing Leontien Van Moorsel. Although Storey had the benefit of the new rules allowing time trial bars she was  up against two major obstacles. Firstly, the London track has not proven very quick in recent races, and given that the record was set at altitude, that was always going to make things tough. The other challenge was that Van Moorsel is arguably the greatest female time trialist of all-time – Olympic champ on the track and road and – to be brutally honest – a step or two above Dame Sarah on the cycling ladder.

Still this was a very credible effort from Storey, just over a couple of laps behind the Dutch legend, and a new paralympic and British record to boot.

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