Hoy down to 5th All-time

It’s remarkable to think that just four years after retirement, Sir Chris Hoy is down to 5th in the GB all-time 200m ranks…

Jason Kenny 9.551 Olympics Rio 12-Aug-16
Kenny 9.640 World Cup Aguascalientes 6-Dec-13
Callum Skinner 9.703 Olympics Rio 12-Aug-16
Matthew Crampton 9.712 World Cup Aguascalientes 6-Dec-13
Kenny 9.713 Olympic Games London 4-Aug-12
Lewis Oliva 9.721 World Cup Aguascaliantes 6-Dec-13
Chris Hoy 9.815 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Skinner 9.824 World Champs London 4-Mar-16
Kenny 9.853 World Cup Guadalajara 9-Nov-14
Kenny 9.857 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Hoy 9.869 World Cup Manchester 31-Oct-09
Phillip Hindes 9.898 World Cup Guadalajara 9-Nov-14
Hoy 9.900 Nationals Manchester 2009
Hoy 9.902 World Champs Melbourne 6-Apr-12
Hoy 9.913 World Champs Coppenhagen 20-May-09
Oliva 9.927 Euro Champs Grenchen 16-Oct-15
Crampton 9.931 World Champs Cali 1-Mar-14
Hoy 9.932 World Cup London 19-Feb-12
Ed Clancy 9.935 World Cup (omnium) Aguascalientes 5-Dec-13
Craig McLean 9.939 World Cup Moscow 28-Sep-06

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