Track cycling is one of the world’s great sports. It appeared in the very first modern Olympics Games and has held World Championships since 1893. It’s also a sport that is data-rich. Or at least it should be.

Despite the fact that track cycling encompasses many iconic timed events – the 200 metre flying sprint, the Kilometre Time Trial and the Pursuit to name just a few – there is very little data available for this iconic sport.

While athletics and swimming take immense pride in their records and rankings, Track Cycling seems to have forgotten they even exist. World records and national records are tracked, although not always with great accuracy or timeliness, but that’s as far as it goes. If you were to  search for All-Time or Annual rankings for any of the timed track events, you’d be out of luck, Until now!

Cyclostats aims to fill the void that shames track cycling. Focusing primarily of British cycling, Cyclostats will publish All-Time and Annual rankings for men and women for several major timed events. We will start with seniors but over time develop lists for Juniors and age group riders too.

Of course, in a sport that has historically had little regard for data, compiling these lists is no mean feat. Cyclostats has embarked on years’ of research in an effort to make these lists as exhaustive and accurate as possible, but there are no guarantees. If we’ve missed a rider, or a performance, please accept our apologies in advance. If you happen to be the victim, please let us know and we’ll make a change.

Ultimately, the effort to bring some perspective through data to Track cycling cannot be one website’s labor. Cyclostats hopes that through cooperation and interaction with you the reader, we can at least start to fill the void.

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