James and Marchant 1-2 in qualifying


Rebecca James 10.721 Olympics Rio 14-Aug-16
Victoria Pendleton 10.724 Olympic Games London 5-Aug-12
Katy Marchant 10.787 Olympics Rio 14-Aug-16
Jess Varnish 10.804 World Champs Paris 20-Feb-15
Victoria Williamson 10.833 World Cup Guadlajara 9-Nov-14

Impressive stuff from Becky James and Katy Marchant in Rio. Top two qualifiers and pbs to boot. For James, her 10.721 represents a British sea-level best. She also owns the outright record at 10.627 from Aguescalientes in 2013. Top 5 t seal-level above.

Is Brad the greatest?

An eight Olympic medal, and fifth gold arguably makes Sir Brad the most successful British Olympian ever. I’m not about to argue here with how his greatness compare with athletes from other sports. But in pure medal terms, here’s how he stacks up:

Gold    Silver   Bronze

Wiggins     5           1                2

Hoy             6           1                0

Redgrave   5            0               1

Kenny         4           1               0

Ainslee       4           1               0

Grainger     1           5               0

Pinsent        4         0               0


On the basis of 3 points for gold, two for silver and one for bronze, that gives Brad 19 points, Chris 19, Redgrave 16, Kenny, rower Grainger  and sailer Ainslie 13 points.

Of course two more Kenny golds would put him in a three way tie for first.