GB (and the Commonwealth) dominate women’s team pursuit

GB qualified for the women’s pursuit final at the World Cup with the fastest ride by 3 seconds. What was really remarkable was that they switched out European pursuit champ Kate Archibald for rookie Amy Roberts and still posted a 4:20.166, just 0.1 off the qualifying time. GB has such depth in the TP now, it seems they could probably put out two line-ups that would be competitive at world level.

GB will face Canada in the final, with Australia taking on New Zealand for bronze. So it’s the Commonwealth on top which just makes it even more of a pity that the team pursuit didn’t feature at the Commonwealth Games. Had the Games featured a 3-women 3k pursuit it would have been arguably the highest quality event of any sport at the Games. The top 4 teams in the World would have been there, and given today’s showing by GB featuring three Welsh riders, arguably it would have been the top five teams. Add in a Scotland team including Archibald, Turvey and perhaps Joiner, and the competition would have been one to savour. One to ponder in time for Gold Coast perhaps?

British Junior All-time Rankings: 2km pursuit, women

Laura Trott 2:23.332 World Juniors Montichiari 12-Aug-10
Elinor Baker 2:25.537 World Juniors Invercargill 25-Aug-12
Grace Garner 2:26.152 Nationals Manchester 9-Aug-14
Elinor Baker 2:26.370 World Juniors (Omnium) Invercargill 25-Aug-12
Hannah Mayho 2:27.595 Nationals Newport 19-Aug-08
Emily Kay 2:28.537 National Jnrs Manchester 17-Aug-13
Hayley Jones 2:28.546 World Juniors Invercargill 25-Aug-12
Katie Colclough 2:29.147 Nationals Newport 2008
Jessica Booth 2:29.903 Nationals Newport 2009
Katie Archibald 2:30.306 Nationals Manchester 1-Sep-12
Joanna Rowsell 2:30.392 Nationals Newport 15-Aug-08
Amy Hill 2:30.488 Euro Juniors Glasgow 9-Aug-13
Emily Nelson 2:30.617 Euro Juniors Anadia 22-Jul-14
Ella Sadler-Andrews 2:31.002 Nationals Newport 2009
Alexandra Greenfield 2:31.288 Nationals Newport 2008
Charlotte Broughton 2:31.531 Nationals (U16) Manchester 4-Aug-14
Manon Lloyd 2:31.532 Euro Juniors Anadia 22-Jul-14
Lucy Martin 2:31.633 Nationals Newport 2008
Emily Nelson 2:31.670 National Jnrs Manchester 17-Aug-13
Liz Armitstead 2:31.923 Nationals Newport 2006

All-Time Rankings: 3000m Pursuit, Women

Rebecca Romero  3:27.703 Olympic Games Beijing 16-Aug-08
Wendy Houvenaghel  3:27.829 Olympic Games Beijing 16-Aug-08
Houvenaghel 3:27.842 World Champs Melbourne 8-Apr-12
Romero 3:28.321 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Houvenaghel 3:28.443 Olympic Games Beijing 15-Aug-08
Romero 3:28.641 Olympic Games Beijing 15-Aug-08
Houvenaghel 3:28.866 World Cup Manchester 31-Oct-08
Laura Trott 3:28.955A World Cup (Omnium) Aguescalientes 7-Dec-13
Joanna Rowsell  3:29.038 Commonwealth Games Glasgow 25-Jul-14
Houvenaghel 3:29.491 World Champs Pruszkow 25-Mar-09
Romero 3:29.593 World Champs Manchester 27-Mar-08
Elinor Barker 3:30.009A World Cup Aguescalientes 6-Dec-13
Rowsell 3:30.318 World Champs Cali 28-Feb-14
Houvenaghel 3:30.377 World Champs Copenhagen 24-Mar-10
Houvenaghel 3:30.395 Olympic Games Beijing 17-Aug-08
Rowsell 3:30.455 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Rowsell 3:30.474 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Romero 3:30.501 World Champs Manchester 27-Mar-08
Trott 3:30.547 Olympic Games (Omnium) London 7-Aug-12
Rowsell 3:30.610A World Champs Cali 28-Feb-14
Katie Archibald 3:31.276 World Champs Paris 20-Feb-15
Sarah Storey  3:32.050A World Paras Aguescalientes 12-Apr-14
Yvonne McGregor 3:34.761 Athens June, 1997
Emma Jones  3:35.069 Olympics Athens 2004
Dani King  3:36.64 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Ciara Horne 3:37.278 Revolution Derby Aug 14 2015
Sara Symington  3:38.128 Commonwealths Manchester 1998
Elizibeth Armitstead 3:39.441 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Anna Turvey 3:40.525 Commonwealths Glasgow 25-Jul-14
Hannah Mayo  3:40.538 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Emily Kay 3:42.202 Revolution Derby 14-Aug-15
Amy Roberts 3:42.623 Commonwealths Glasgow 25-Jul-14
Katie Colclough 3:43.712 Nationals Manchester 29-Sep-11
Rachel Heale 3:45.356 Nationals Manchester 2005
Frances Newstead 3:45.631 Nationals Manchester 2003