British Junior Track Rankings: Flying 200m, Women

Rebecca James 11.093 World Juniors Moscow 13-Aug-09
Victoria Williamson 11.236 World Juniors Moscow 18-Aug-11
Anne Blythe 11.260 World Cup Moscow 15-Dec-06
Danielle Khan 11.469 Nationals Manchester 27-Sep-13
Jessica Crampton 11.785 National Jnrs Newport 27-Aug-12
Jessica Varnish 11.803 Nationals Pruszkow 3-Sep-08
Rosie Blount 11.935 Nationals Manchester 28-Sep-12
Laura Trott 11.961 World Cup (Omnium 250) Cali 17-Dec-10
Sophie Capwell 12.094 National Jnrs Manchester 6-Aug-14
Grace Garner 12.209 Euro Juniors (Omnium) Anadia 27-Jul-14
Ellie Coster 12.244 National Jnrs Manchester 6-Aug-14
Hannah Blount 12.368 National Juniors Manchester 6-Aug-14
Lucy Ayres 12.384 National Jnrs Manchester 2006

Regional Records posted

We previously commented on the diverse regional strength of British cycling.

What a pity then that no records are kept for the various regions of the UK. Cyclostats has attempted to fix this with the publication of track records for seniors and juniors, men and women for the major timed events. You will see that for some regions, particularly Northern Ireland and Isle of Man there are some missing pieces. We hope to fill them in over time and with your help.

There are great names in every region’s list – Boardman, Pendleton etc for England, Obree, Hoy for Scotland, James and Thomas for Wales, Cavendish and Kennaugh for the Isle of Man and Houvenhagel for Northern Ireland. Olympic or World Champions all around.

Northern Ireland also features World Champion Martyn Irvine who rides for Ireland except at the Commonwealth Games where he reverts to the North.